A collection of materials to make you successful in leading your remote team or hosting your remote event. Resources include video tutorials, global trend reports, and hands-on techniques to be successful in your remote endeavours.


ReSocialize Academy consists of three categories. These are:

1. ReSocialize Video Tutorials
Video tutorials on how to use ReSocialize including how to join for the first time and more advanced controls such as how to hold a presentation.

2. Global Remote Work Trends
A collection of trends and observations about the future of work and the state of global remote work.

3. How To Be Successful When Working Remotely
Hands-on advice and methods to successfully lead remote and distributed teams. These are valuable for leaders both of remote teams and at-location teams.

Frequently asked questions

Why are you making these resources available?

First of all: It’s in our best interest that people feel comfortable using ReSocialize. Video tutorials are a good way to make it easier to try something new, and ReSocialize is new for most people.

Second of all: We firmly believe the future of work and the future of life is flexible. This benefits employees (more flexibility), companies (more profits), environment (less commute and travel), and communities (people don’t need to live in cities, and can instead live close to family or nature, or in smaller communities).

As such, we want as many as possible to see the benefits of remote work. The best way of doing that is to help people and organizations be successful.

How Does RESocialize make money?

ReSocialize makes money by selling ReSocialize to companies or freelancers. This means that ReSocialize will never charge individual users to join events, and we will not charge individual users to have accounts.

What does ReSocialize cost?

The price of ReSocialize depends on if you buy an exclusive online office (for companies), if you buy a single event, or if you are a freelancer looking to join a nomad online coworking office.

You can find more specific details in our “Plans and Pricing” tab.