Why Virtual Office?

With ReSocialize it is easier to create and maintain a company culture, adding value far greater than most benefits will. Helping everyone stay connected, boosting morale and group cohesion. 

Growth possibilities 

When asked, almost half of those who work remotely today believe that remote work will make it more difficult for them to grow within the company. 15% see this as a main struggle with working remotely. ReSocialize can help reduce those numbers, helping retain high performing talent.

Company Culture

One of the greatest challenges with remote work today is that the informal conversations has disappeared. Video calls demand our full attention and doesn’t invite to casual “watercooler talk”. We can help reintroduce the informal chats that result in a culture and friendships that reduce employee turnover.


Remote onboarding can be challenging as it can be difficult to provide the same level of hands-on training and mentorship as in-person onboarding. The social aspect is missing. ReSocialize will strengthen the hands-on experience in the onboarding process through a virtual office the same way a physical would.

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How a virtual office can help with

Growth possibilities 

For an employee to feel that they can grow within the company they need to feel that they are seen. That others see and appreciate what they do. That is very hard to do in a remote environment where we only talk in pre-booked meetings over video calls. It is in the informal conversations we have that we feel seen and appreciated, it is in that space that we give the best feedback and compliments. It doesn’t matter how good growth opportunity programs the business has if no one believes it is a option for them because they don’t feel seen. 

What if we could recreate the physical office environment virtually? With ReSocialize it is possible to not only have informal conversations but also instantly show what you are working on for feedback. This makes it easier for seniors to pass down knowledge to juniors helping them grow within the business.


In a formal setting it can be hard to voice a different opinion and even harder to accept being wrong. Informal settings reduce pressure and risk of open conflict.

Passing down knowledge

For juniors to share office space with seniors is how they grow and learn all the big and small nuances of a workplace. The seniors can also get a better feel for the potential of a talent.


By offering a space where feedback isn’t as easily perceived as criticism it improves the speed and quality of the work being done.


“Credit where credit is due” is a common expression. The best credit however is when it is given genuinely without prompt. That means, not in a formal meeting.

How a virtual office can help with 

Company Culture

The biggest problem today with remote work is that it is almost impossible to create an internal company culture. Having group cohesion and a positive internal sense of belonging is one of the best ways to retain talent in a business. However, by not offering remote work makes a workplace much less attractive in the first place and reduces the potential talent pool. 

employee turnover

Having a strong company culture is the most effective way to combat employee attrition

Group cohesion

With internal culture comes group cohesion leading to productivity and innovation.

Sense of belonging

Loyalty is built by feelings of belonging to something greater. With ReSocialize it is easier building that loyalty.

improve collaboration

Communication is the base of all collaboration. ReSocialize enables constant communication within the team.

How a virtual office can help with 


To be able to give a comprehensive and qualitative onboarding there needs to be constant and close communication. Being able to onboard remotely poses a unique challenge in this perspective. With the ReSocialize platform it is possible to work side by side, asking questions and having informal conversation that can convey tips and tricks that otherwise would be lost due to the formal nature of video calls/meetings. 

A comprehensive onboarding ensures that the new hire feels confident, understands the job and the organization they are to work within. This have an enormous impact on the stress that comes with a new workplace. Feeling alone to figure out how to do something on your own while the tasks and deadlines pile up can break any talent, with ReSocialize this can be prevented.


Give your team a chance to be inspired by each other, and interact as if they were in the same room.


If you want the new hire to “hit the ground running” it requires an onboarding process that gives them all the tools necessary. 


Mentorship and the ability to ask quick questions is a basic way to drastically reduce stress in an otherwise stressful situation.

informal knowledge

With ReSocialize informal knowledge is easily passed to the new hire, ensuring that it is not lost and that the new hire have the tools they need.

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