As an impact-aware company, the ReSocialize mission, vision, and impact are a fundamental part of our identity.

This is what elevates us from “just” being a metaverse meeting platform, an online co-working space or a remote collaboration tool to a global driver for positive impact, both for companies, individuals, communities and the environment.


ReSocialize’s mission is to fundamentally change professional virtual communication by providing engaging, browser-based 3D environments that enable meaningful connections, foster collaboration, and empower teams to thrive in the remote work era.


ReSocialize’s vision is to become the leading virtual communication platform, bridging the gap between remote work and in-person interactions, while transforming the way businesses collaborate, engage, and grow in the digital age.


ReSocialize works to fight isolation and to make remote work better.
This has a positive impact for companies, individuals, and, at scale, entire communities and the environment.

Good implementations of remote work leads to better social connections, more engaged employees, improved well-being, improved results, improved reach, reduced work-related travel and the ability for people to live outside of professional hubs revitalizing communities struggling with aging and shrinking populations.

If you’re interested in the positive impact for these topics, the below links will take you to more in-depth analysis of the positive impact of digital communication tools such as ReSocialize. 

Engage beyond distance

Increased Employee Engagement leads to increased productivity and reduced costs.

Better remote work leads to better employee engagement and wellbeing.

Remote work is a driver for equity, equality, and improved livelihoods in non-hub communities

Reduced need for work travel and commutes have a positive impact on the environment

How ReSocialize achieves our Mission, Vision and Impact

Words don’t cook rice.

For more details on how ReSocialize’s mission and vision shape our every day actions and products, and how ReSocialize achieves our stated impact, click the link below.