We are proud to partner up with InterActive Spaces as a major supplier to North America.

Digital Twin with Interactive Spaces

InterActive Spaces is a dealer service business ecosystem connecting Audio-Video technology to work process, space and furnishings through a digital service model for a distributed work world.

Through collaborations with Indeal and ReSocialize, InterActive Spaces offers, physical office furniture solutions, interactive Audio-Video solutions, and online Digital Twins of company offices.

InterActive spaces

your one-stop shop for interactive screens, audio-video Collaboration Between Audio Video Technology and Contract Dealers.

INDEAL solutions

Innovation, Inspiration, and Market Intelligence for successfully highlighting company culture through furniture.

resocialize online office

You’re investing in your physical office – why should that investment be lost on people working remotely?

digital twin OFFICE

What’s the first thing someone does when they come to the office in the morning? Before they even get to their desk, they look around. See who else is in yet. Maybe some greetings and small talk on the way to open their computer. Working remotely, this is lost. Unless you have a ReSocialize Digital Twin office from InterActive Spaces.

You invest in your physical office to inspire your team to create their best work – why should that investment be lost on those working remotely?

With a ReSocialize digital twin office from InterActive Spaces you empower your people to live your culture regardless if they are working remotely, from home, from a sattelite office or from your HQ. 

The world of work is changing. Large portions of the knowledge workforce are looking to work more flexibly, and they have shown time after time that they are willing to leave employers who don’t provide this opportunity.

By taking proactive action, you can ensure that you minimize the negative effects and get a head start on the competition for talent.

The change to remote-first is smaller than what many realize.

Most organizations are already distributed. Even organizations who work 9-5 in the same office do most of their work online – they are already working remotely but without the benefits of remote work.

don’t sleep on this opportunity

digital twin: how it works

Based off an office sketch, InterActive Spaces and ReSocialize can create a digital twin of your office. Here’s how:

Example office blue print space map for digital twin virtual office

start with your office sketch

The process starts when you provide a sketch of your office plan to ReSocialize.

Adding information about materails and colours on the walls helps us create a space that resembles your physical space, making you feel at home! We can work off of a description or photos from your physical space.

Example office 3d space map for digital twin virtual office. The space map is being populated with office furniture.

add your office furniture

If you provide digital models, 3d files or CET marks from your furniture supplier, we can add them to your digital twin as they are.

If you don’t have access to these models, we can work off of descriptions or pictures of the environment and will do our best to provide matching furniture.

Example ReSocialize online office 3d space map for digital twin virtual office.

explore your digital twin

Once your Digital Twin office is created and filled with furniture, ReSocialize will provide you with early access to the environment so you can confirm that it matches your expectations.

This is ideally done as a 3d walk-around in your new digital twin office.

Example ReSocialize online office 3d space map for digital twin virtual office populated with ReSocialize avatars holding an online meeting.

enjoy your digital twin

Invite coleageus to share the space, work and socialize in your new Digital Twin office!


talent attraction & retention

With a ReSocialize Digital Twin, you position yourself as a forerunner in the drive for flexibility.

This increases your attractiveness for talent and reduces talent attrition, making both your talent attraction machine more effective and reducing the cost of replacing top talent

better productivity

Working remotely increases productivity and creativity, but communication can be slower. This is why we highlight better productivity, not just higher productivity

ReSocialize makes remote work better. Many meetings could have been emails, and many emails could have been a “just a quick question”. 

lower costs

Investing in strong remote-work infrastructure makes your company and employees less reliant on central office infrastructure.

This, paired with lower rates of talent attrition, leads to significantly lower operating costs.

Q&A for digital twins

Can I set up my ReSocialize digital twin to resemble my actual office space?

That’s the entire idea! It’s a bit of a process from our end, but the idea is to match your physical space as closely as possible.

Question 2 Can I use the same office furniture in my ReSocialize Digital Twin as my office has in real life?

Of course! Speak with your office furniture supplier, and see if we can get access to their digital files. With these, we can work with the actual models you’re used to. If we don’t get access to this, we’ll do our best to approximate the furniture you’re used to.

Do I need a VR headset to access my digital twin?

No. ReSocialize is built to work in your browser. All you need is a computer, a link, an activation code, and a room.

We’ve chosen this to make it so as many people can visit you as possible.

Is my resocialize digital twin only for people within my organization?

That’s up to you!

You’re free to invite people from outside your organization to visit your digital office as much as you please.

This can be particularly useful when you’re hosting webinars and networking events.

Interested in your own digital twin?
Let’s talk.