How to use ReSocialize for remote work and events.

On this page you will find video tutorials that cover the basics of joining any ReSocialize event, advanced controls in ReSocialize, and a direcct link to the ReSocialize client.

This is a good place to start when joining your first ReSocialize event.

How to control your avatar inside ReSocialize

Test your skills! Go to the ReSocialize client

On this page you will find helpful resources on how to use ReSocialize for remote work and events.
These resources are grouped into 3 categories:

The video tutorials build into each other. If you don’t recognise the view from the first couple of seconds in a video, don’t panic. Just go to a previous video and you will see how to get there.

All videos also have clear chapters. If you’re looking for something in particular you don’t need to sit through the entire video. You can skip straight to the part that helps you use ReSocialize for Remote Work and Events.

This section covers the basics of how to use ReSocialize. Specific topics are: how to create an account, how to join as a guest, how to create your avatar, and how to enter a room code. These topics won’t help you inside ReSocialize, but they will get you to the right place.

This section assumes you know how to enter a specific ReSocialize room. These videos cover movement and controls inside ReSocialize. Topics also include presenting and screen sharing. These are important features to use ReSocialize for remote work and events

This section covers simple answers to common questions about ReSocialize. It does not go into depth on how to use ReSocialize for remote work and events. Rather, it gives context to how to use ReSocialize.


This section covers the basics of how to join ReSocialize for remote work or events. Topics include: Creating an account, Joining as a guest, Creating an Avatar, and joining a specific room. 

Note that room codes are NOT case sensitive and the first time you load ReSocialize the load is slightly longer than the next time you come back.

In this video, I will guide you to the ReSocialize client.
This video covers several links to the ReSocialize client from the ReSocialize website. 

It is also possible to go to

In this video, I will guide you through the process of joining Resocialize for the first time.

We cover how to create an account, join as a guest, and create an avatar – what you need to know the first time.

In this video, I will show you how to join a specific room.

For the sake of the video, I’ve used the “demo” room key.

Room Keys are NOT case sensitive.


This section covers the controls in ReSocialize, showing how to use ReSocialize for remote work or events. Topics include: moving around, interacting with objects, talking with others, muting yourself, presenting, and screen sharing. 

Note that your microphone is on by default. This means that others in the ReSocialize online room can hear you. If you know you have a lot of background noise, please mute your microphone when not speaking.

This video covers basic movement controls and audio controls such as muting your microphone. 

It also shows how to pick up objects or sit down in chairs.

In this video we cover the basics of sharing your screen in ReSocialize. 

We cover different presenter modes, how to enter them and exit them, and the difference between the big screen and a small screen.

We also cover how to enlarge someone elses shared screen.

Frequently asked questions

DO I need to pay to join a resocialize event?

No, you never need to pay to join a ReSocialize event or online office as a guest (regardless if you have an account or not). 

Do you save and sell my data?

The short answer is: No, we do not sell your data.

The slightly longer answer is Yes, we do save some of your data. We save as little as possible and we do it for ourselves. You can read more about what data we save, for what reasons, for how long, and what you can do to get your data deleted in our privacy policy. The short version is that we don’t save anything that we don’t specifically need and we follow GDPR – the strictest laws governing this on the planet.

If ReSocialize is free to join and you don’t sell my data – how do you make money?

We typically make money by charging the office owners or event hosts. Hosting an event or an online office at ReSocialize comes with a small fee. 

The one exception is our “NOMAD” plan. On this plan ReSocialize works as an online co-working space and we charge a small fee from individual freelancers and digital nomads. They can still bring guests for free, tho. 

If you’re interested you can read more about the specifics on our “PLANS & PRICING” page.

Do I need a Ready Player Me account?

No, you do not need a Ready Player Me account to create and save an avatar or to use ReSocialize. They are good people with a cool product, tho, and we recommend you have a look at their webpage for more info.

Having a Ready Player Me account lets you use the same avatar on several different services.

Is the room key case sensitive?

No. The room key is not case sensitive. “DEMO” is the same as “demo” is the same as “DeMo”. 

Be aware that copy/paste doesn’t work into the room key field. You need to type the key in manually.

Can I join on my mobile phone or tablet?

No. ReSocialize only works on laptop computers and desktop computers at the moment. 

This might change in the future, but for now you need to use your computer.

Do I need to give ReSocialize permission to use my camera and Microphone?

Yes. Without microphone permission you won’t be able to talk to other guests at the ReSocialize event, and without camera permission you won’t be able to create your avatar from your picture or present with your webcam.

Remember, ReSocialize is a social tool. It’s made for talking with other guests as you move around. Not giving microphone permission goes against the point of ReSocialize.

ReSocialize isn’t loading properly. What could be wrong?

This happens, sometimes. Typically it’s because of one of the following reasons:

1. Browser Breakdown – Use Chrome for the best experience.
2. Firewall Friction – Some firewalls block out ReSocialize. Try turning it off and restarting ReSocialize
3. Cookie Conflict – Sometimes old cookies can prevent ReSocialize from running properly. Delete your cookies and try again.

I think this is pretty cool! Can I set it up for myself?

We’d be happy to get you started! Check out the PLANS & PRICING page for more info and directions on how to proceed.