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Frequently asked questions

Why should I care about remote work?

Work is becoming more and more flexible. How we work is changing. It doesn’t matter if you’re working remotely or from an office. People are looking to contribute with their best work. That work is done on their terms, and those terms are flexible.

Flexible work has risen to a top concern among job-seekers. As more companies give flexibility, more people want it.

At the same time, there are fewer companies working only from an office every month. Also, companies working from an office have increasingly distributed teams. Chances are you are leading a remote team even if they work from your office.

Regardless if you’re working remotely or not, how you lead matters. The practices that are successful leading remote teams are helpful leading at-location too.

Stay on top of these changes.

Do I need to work remotely to benefit from knowing these trends?

No. The trends highlighted in these articles are global. They give value for those leading at-location or remotely.

Level up your leadership, regardless of where your team works from.

Do I need to use ReSocialize to stay in the forefront of remote work?

No. All of these techniques can be set up without using ReSocialize.

In fact, no single action will solve all leadership-related problems any company might have. That’s why we’re providing this resource:

We firmly believe that the future of work is better for eveyrone. Both employer and employee. We want you to succeed, regardless if you buy ReSocialize for your team or not.

ReSocialize does, however, make remote work better.