MARKETING SECRETS: How Tech Companies Can Increase their Profit by 30% in just 42 days

1st DEC 2022, 15:00 CET

ReSocialize are proud to host a networking session with the founders of F.I.R.E. Consulting, who will speak about marketing positioning strategies that generate revenue.
The top reasons companies struggle to scale are:

Weak Offer

Weak Marketing

Weak Teams

The reality is that many companies have all of the ingredients needed to build a wildly successful company, but the challenge is getting the right formula for attaining that growth trajectory and then maintaining it for the long term.

Marketing and Sales experts Gavi Zeitlin and Amit Fix have 35+ years combined experience in helping scale companies from startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies.

In this training you’ll learn:

The #1 most important thing needed to scale (that most companies ignore)

A marketing strategy that enabled a SAAS company to grow from $0 to $150 million in just 3 years without VC funding

The mindset to install in your organization that enables you to grow and scale with ease

Join us at 15:00 CET / 1 DEC

Expected end: between 16:00 and 16:30 CET


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