Looking for a particular online event? Go to ReSocialize with the link above and enter with the code given to you by the event host.

If you don’t know the event code, reach out to the event host!


Online events that stick out in your guests memory.

For event organizers who want better connections through their online events, or who want to extend the reach of their physical events.

For many, the best part of joining an industry event is the connections you make while there. The people you connect with unexpectedly. Others in the croud who you get to know between speaker sessions. 

This is lost in most webinars.

But it doesn’t have to be!

ReSocialize Events mimic how an offline event works in your browser. Capture the power in the room without losing the range the webinar gives!

How it works

What an organizer or guest sets up a ReSocialize event.

case studies

See how other organizations successfully used ReSocialize event.

get your own

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for online event organizers

Stand out from the crowd of online events with memorable ReSocialize Events.

Greater value for your guests.
Greater value for your company.
Greater value for you.

A photo from the Malahide virtual office webinar event that shows ReSocialize avatars watching a live broadcast from the in-person seminar. This shows a difference between webinar vs seminar. the metaverse meeting tool allows people to attend who aren't physically present, and the image shows how avatars have grouped up ready for conversations as a response to the keynote - perfect for digital nomads as a digital nomad tool or for webinar hosts who want to attract this group. Virtual Office Free Trial Webinar Moderator Webinar Hosting Costs Digital Nomad Tools Join A Webinar Businesses Use Webinars For The Following Reasons Except Seminar And Webinar Difference Online Co Working Space Seminar Vs Webinar Online Co-working Spaces metaverse meetings Cost of webinar How to Create a Virtual Office Networking At A Webinar Set Up Virtual Office Virtual Co Working Space Online Webinar Audio Review Remote Collaboration Tools Online Meeting Tools Metaverse Meeting Platform Remote Work Office Virtual Conferences and Events Host Better Webinars Remote Work Solutions Virtual Networking Platform Hosting A Webinar Remote Team Building
Make it memorable

We’ve all been to countless online events. Thinking back – which of those really stick out from your memory?

Give your event attendees an experience they haven’t had before. Make it memorable.

Female avatar waving in ReSocialize's virtual office, a remote work solution offering a free trial of its innovative digital workspace
improve the guest experience

Some go to work events to learn from the speakers. 

Others go to network with industry peers, to ask specific questions, to connect with the hosting organization, or for a myriad of other reasons.

Most online events miss these added values. Make sure you don’t. Give your guests the best possible experience!

Image of three ReSocialize avatars sitting at a booth in an online trade show or virtual expo. In the foreground there is an avatar navigating the 3d virtual event room floor between online booths.
better outcomes

As an event organizer you have a specific goal in mind.

By making your online event more interactive, you can have team members present in the audience answering private questions from event guests. 

This helps you achieve your goals, regardless if they are more sales, better client relationships, or anything else.

An image of several avatars in an online virtual event room watching a screen. On screen is a video stream of a fireside chat event. The image shows how ReSocialize blurs the line between in-person event and webinar
pair an online event with a physical event

No matter how you frame it, nothing replaces an in-person event. 

But not everyone who wants to can attend physically. 

By pairing an online event with an in-person event you can give those joining remotely an experience of the live event, without interfering with the in-person event. 

You might even want to set up a computer to link the two events!

Two avatars standing under the ReSocialize logo in a virtual metaverse meeting platform, a perfect digital nomad tool.
extend reach

When you pair your in-person events with online events, you remove the geographic boundary. Your events get global reach and are unlimited by the size of your physical space.

ReScoialize Metaverse Meeting Platform, virtual event space, and online office with three avatars greeting guests, waving towards the viewer
improve presence

With a ReSocialize online event you and your guests will feel present and connected in a better way than through other events.

Stay present in your guests mind during and after the event!

Why use resocialize event?


No room is too little or too large for an online event. The flexibility of an online event allows you to scale at will to the right size for your event.


Some of the best value from a work event comes from the connections you make there. Make the most of it!


An online event is never “too far away”. Extend your reach to all your target geographies with a single event, without reducing the in-person value.

How to: online events

How to set up or join a ReSocialize event.

All you need to set up a ReSocialize Online Office for teams is a computer, a link, a code, and a picture for your avatar.
(this last part is optional – you can also use a random avatar).

for organizers

for guests

find the right plan

Find and plan the right plan for the right size of your event. Reach out to us to learn what the best set-up for you is!

click event link

Go to app.resocialize.net through any of the links available (front page of ReSocialize, top right corner, the email invitation or this page).

A remote viewing event in a metaverse meeting platform with avatars watching a live stream of sail racing on a virtual screen - showcasing a solution to host better events. Online meeting tools perfect for networking at a webinar, showcasing the middle ground between webinar vs seminar Plans and pricing, this image highlights the ReSocialize event offering.


ReSocialize online events are different for your hosts. Make sure they get a chance to practice before the big day, so everyone is comfortable with the tools.

ReSocialize avatar created with Ready Player Me. This avatar is created from a picture and in the avatar customization phase, comparing different outfits.

create avatar

Create your custom avatar either from a photo taken as you log in, an uploaded photo, or use a randomly generated avatar.

Customize your avatar to your heart’s content. This is fun and can take several minutes!

View from a ReSocialize event stage towards an audience of ReSocialize avatars all focused on the speaker. These online events make webinars more like in-person events, giving better connections with the audience.

invite guests

Invite guests and give them your custom event code. 

Now you’re ready to go!

Joining a ReSocialize room or online event with a key. Where to enter ReSocialize room key.

join with code

Enter the code you received in the event invitation. This unlocks the online event room.

Click the room, and welcome!


How to set up or join a ReSocialize event.

All you need to set up a ReSocialize Online Office for teams is a computer, a link, a code, and a picture for your avatar.
(this last part is optional – you can also use a random avatar).

for organizers